What is Aman Program ?

AMAN is a Comprehensive Governance & Management Program for Information Security Management and IT Services Management based on International Quality Standards  for Services and Information Security ISO 20000:2011 to deliver Excellent and Secure Services for all Stakeholders.

Aman Vision

Secure and Excellent Services by employing best practices and Promoting Security Culture.

Aman Mission

Providing Secure, Innovative and high Quality IT Services that supports the Vision, Mission and Objectives of MPDA to Enhance Customer Satisfaction, Employees & Corporate Performance by applying the Highest Level Of International & Local Standards.

Aman Values

  • Pioneership.
  • Creativity and Innovation.
  • Collaborative effort
  • Information Security Culture
  • Clarity,Integrity and Transparency

Aman Objectives

  •  Protection of Smart Business Applications and TechnicalInfrastructure from Security Breaches.
  •  Promote Security Awareness for All Stakeholders.
  •  Ensuring the Compliance of IT Services and Assets to ISO 20000 & ISO 27001.