“Our goal today is to keep our emirates at the top and occupy the highest ranks of glory among its peers. Hence, Fine work is the cornerstone for achieving the goal and constant excellence.”

                                                             His Excellency Abdulrahman Al Nuaimi

The department has set clear and specific goals to improve the scope of municipal work in all its fields. It is determined to reach the top based on its trained, specialized, experienced and highly capable human cadres, It addition to keep being abreast of technological developments in all its services and transactions provided to the public under the direction of H.H Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi within a safe cyberspace. The Department in recent times has added new success to its record of excellence and creativity based on innovative ideas and brilliant suggestions.

The department is witnessing a remarkable development in its smart services targeting customers from all over the world. It recognizes that smart and secure work is the title of the current stage and moves forward to achieve the government’s smart goals and its cyber security strategy. Services have been developed in a noticeable way during the last 2 decades by modernization of the department website and the addition of electronic and smart services to facilitate the completion of the Department’s transactions for investors and entrepreneurs.  All smart services have been secured by the best global and local security practices followed in Aman Program.

The Strategy of the department is in line with the clear vision of the wise leadership in Ajman and its sound decisions to maintain sustainable development in all areas of life. Ajman is an ideal environment for large projects and a breeding ground for unique job seekers. Our aim today is to keep our emirates at the top and occupy the highest centers of glory among its peers.